2. Social Media Marketing – Game Plan

You’ve been dabbling in social media but it’s not quite hitting the mark.

Would love to chat with someone about your Social Media Marketing, maybe your ad could do with some tweaking or not sure you have chosen the right fields or just not sure?

I can help with your social media strategies, systems and processes.

What is a funnel, or is your funnel getting you the results you desired?

Then this is the service for you. I will go behind the scenes with you, problem-solve or help with tweaking. I make your marketing be on point.

I have invested heavily with my social media learning, working with a top FaceBook ad agency in the USA. You get to reap the benefits of my learning.

We connect together through Zoom where we can share screens and record the session to refer back to.

Let’s chat with my FREE 15-minute game plan session – Get back in the game.

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