5. Strategy Game Plan – Six S BluePrint Formula

Being an entrepreneur is so lonely.

Not when you have me on your team. I am your biggest cheerleader.

I have created this blueprint formula through my own frustrations. I had so much on my plate, so much I wanted to achieve but how, how could I create it all!

So I created the perfect formula and I have my own cheerleading business coach to keep me focused.

Now I am sharing this formula with you because all business queens deserve to win and with me on your side, it’s like having the perfect piano to your music.

Create the perfect outcome for your business by implementing my Six S Blueprint System
“The Six S System”
Sales Revenue

We will initially review all you’re amazing ideas, and then follow the Blue Print Formula to achieve the desired outcomes. To ensure you get that ROI.

Each week for 6 weeks or fortnight for 12 weeks we will review on Zoom our project plan, where we are going and ensure targets are being met or do we need to course-correct.

You have all the ideas but without a plan, strategy, systems and someone to keep you accountable nothing will change, nothing changes if nothing changes.

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion!

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