Level Up

5 Tips To Strategically Plan Your Social Media.

Social Media is such an amazing tool.
How lucky are we to have this available to us all and it’s free.
I consistently find people using Facebook and Instagram as part of their business tools. However, there is a difference between Instagram and Facebook for the way you post and interact. Both platforms have different algorithms even though Facebook owns both platforms. Are your posts not getting any traction or limited traction?
You can change this and quickly by following this guide. After all, we are all waiting for you to step into your light. Your message needs to be heard.

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I have a Facebook Page, Now What?

So you’ve created a Facebook page you invited a few friends, your mum and aunt Suzie!
Great but are they ones that really need to see and hear your message?
Remember why you created the page, what your desires were for your fans?
It’s ok I’ve got your back.¬†
I have seen so many talented queens take the leap of faith and create a Facebook page, but that is as far as it goes.
I want you to shine your light Queen. So I created this easy guide to help you better understand your page and get yourself and your audience to take action.

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