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How I will help you

You have started to create a pretty amazing business, your branding is on point, you're getting a following on social media and things are ticking along ok. 

But you didn't create this business to play small (otherwise you wouldn't be here) You have ambitions, you want to serve all the people and then some, and let's be honest you want to create more money so you can create MORE, but not necessarily work more than you do now! 

You know what you want to create but you also know what you are amazing at and what excites you, and going behind the scenes is not something you have the energy for. If you are working on that then how can your business grow?

This is where I can help YOU. 

Reach out now for a complementary strategic call.  

I love to work with Business Queens, I love the behind work, I love to ensure timelines are met, tasks are ticked off, I love to create a checklist, I love to ensure all the ducks are in the row for that.......... (insert here).

I get it, you ask "can you really have someone come into your business?", after all, this is your baby, you created it. Rest assure I understand this, I understand this is your brand, these are your clients/products,  I work to your specifications and at all times respect and honour your business. 

So what are you waiting for let's get started?

Thinking I'm not sure if I need someone?

Cool, think "what will change if you don't get my help" oh but what will change if you do get my help?

I have a short 6-week project plan to get started, to get a taster.

How does this work?

I have a blue print called the Six S System, with this you know what will be achieved and how, plus the outcomes. 

1. We have a one one one strategic session.

2. I walk away with your thoughts and plan it all out through a live project tool.

3. We agree or amend the project and get cracking, all communication, documents etc..... are through the project plan software so you know at all time where we are up to. 

4. Each fortnight we have a one on one zoom session to check how we are going and adjust if need be.

5. You have 24/7 access to me through FB messenger throughout the 6 weeks.

6. At the end of the project, you will have what you set out to achieve. 

Need outsourcing?

No worries if I can't do it then I have an amazingly talented team who can assist. (All good I've got your back) 

I also have a 100% money back guarantee if you put in the work and find you don't get the results you and I agree on in the initial one on one.