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It’s so incredibly overwhelming. All these new skills you have to learn …. What social media platforms do you use, do you need a website, how do you manage your money, what are legalities you need to know and the list goes on and on…….. It’s enough to make you quit before you’ve even started. But are you going to put it off for another five years and continue to live with that nagging feeling in the back of your head? Or is it finally time to take action?

There’s nothing so scary as the idea of becoming the face of your business. The thought that people might not ‘get you’ keeps you up at night and has you tempted to leave the business world for ‘other people’. This may be the dream you’ve always had, but is the personal cost too high?

You’ve shared your dream with those closest to you. Instead of being met with complete enthusiasm, the response has been lukewarm at best. So much negativity has come back your way from people who simply don’t understand your passion and drive to succeed, you start to question if this is the right path for you.

Imagine, in just six transformational months, you can have your dream business out of your head and into action. Not just any business YOUR business, not one that is created with cookie cutters that “every” business coach is offering, this is on your terms – Bespoke business for spiritual women. 

. My offering is to work with you one on one so that you achieve your dream business.

Working with me will give you:

  • The confidence and skills to create your dream business
  • A clear plan of action for facing your fears, stepping up as the face of your brand and showing all the naysayers how totally wrong they were to doubt you.
  • The space you need to balance your business with a fulfilled personal life, and the skills to maintain consistent boundaries on your time
  • Comprehensive guidance on the essential tools and resources you need to start your dream business (and which ones to throw in the bin!)


#1 Soul Aligned Business Plan

Design your dream business with ease and flow, and embrace the joy and excitement with knowing you’re on the right path.

#2 Authentic Social Media Blueprint

Discover how to authentically show up as the real you online and confidently know which platform to use so you never have to worry about the algorithm. 

#3 Manifest Dream Clients Methods

Attract dream clients who are ready to raise their frequency and open to the transformation that awaits them with your gorgeous gifts. 

#4 Harmony Marketing Systems

Release your inner light to bring alignment to your marketing and sales as you confidently raise your income and impact to your customers.

 A system that brings harmony to your marketing and will create the sales of wealth because when your light beams everyone notices you, your products or services. 

#5 Getting Paid Your Worth

To often we just don’t understand our worth how valuable our gifts and talents are therefore our pricing reflects our worth! I help you see your true worth so that you are paid accordingly. Start bringing in the sales from your dream, soul connecting clients and get paid your worth. 

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